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Thank you for visiting our site. At the moment there are many options to maintain a good web presence, and as part of IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining) we will in due course have a microsite on the parent site However, we are quite excited at the prospects for maintaining contact with our members and guests through Social Networking - please go and have a look at our new site, where you can see details of our upcoming visits, and you can if you wish contribute to the site yourself. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Radio Nottingham - Martin Hardwidge appeared on Radio Nottingham 30th December 08 talking about packaging issues. Click here for the MP3


You have reached the site of the East Midlands Packaging Society, part of the oldest and most highly respected packaging institute in the UK. We are an extremely active branch, with a programme of visits to high-profile packaging producers and users. Our members include many of the leading members of the packaging industry both in the region and nationally.

Packaging is a huge and hugely important industry, contributing to the economy of the country as a major employer in its own right, by supporting the UK's major brands, and by protecting and preserving products and produce. Joining the Society is one of the best ways in which you can support your industry and further your career.

NEWS: Click Here to see Ian Morris discussing packaging and recycling issues on the BBC Politics Show

The Packaging Perspective or, I don't want my plums loose and bruised!

Oh Mr Grocer, be careful with me plums
Folk have bruised the apples by squeezing with their thumbs
Pack the caulis carefully, preserve their pretty shapes
And just to help me get them home
Can you please bag up the grapes?

For packaging saves waste, you see
And performs a vital task
But isn't it "just rubbish" as many of you ask?
Well pause a mo' and think it through, 'cos if packaging wasn't there
We'd be ankle deep in rotten food chucking methane in the air

What does this tin contain please and how long will it last?
Has this jar been tampered with and is the lid held fast?
If there was no packaging, there would be upset tums
When considering the issues, you must do ALL the sums

So think before you criticise and pause before you curse
The pack protects, preserves, informs - the alternative's far worse
Before you lobby your MP, consider in your group
Returning from the grocer's, how would you carry soup?